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Laser Lenses

Indirect Lenses Field of View Image mag Laser Spot Primary Application
H-R Wide Field 160° / 165° .5x 2.0x Finest field imaging; best lens for diagnosis and PRP
Super Quad ® 160 160° / 165° .5x 2.0x Extreme, wide angle pan-retinal photocoagulation
Quadr Aspherice® 120° / 144° .51x 1.97x Wide field diagnosis and treatment of the retina
PDT Laser Lens 115°/ 137° .67x 1.5x Photodynamic Therapy
Equator Plus® 114°/ 137° .44x 2.27x Small pupil diagnosis and treatment
Trans Equator® 110°/ 132° .7x 1.44x Mid peripheral diagnosis and grid laser therapy
Quad Pediatric 100° / 120° .55x 1.82x ROP and other pediatric conditions
Volk Area Centralist® 70° / 84° 1.06x .94x High resolution viewing and treatment of the posterior pole
HR Centralis 74° /88° 1.08x .93x Highest Resdution Viewing and Treatment of the Posterior Pole
Super Macula® 2.2 60° / 78° 1.49x .67x Ultra-high resolution diagnosis and treatment near the fovea


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