"I am using Artificial eye shell since 1994. I lost my vision of right eye in 1994, a glass particle of spectacles damaged my eye.

The first artificial eye was made available for me in girgaum (Mangalwadi) in the year 1994 by SMR. As that was for the first time I was finding the eye shell very heavy & difficult to remove. But the technicians were very helpful they thought me the removal process very nicely.

The second artificial eye was made by me in the year 1999 from malad (w) branch at this time the shell was not that much heavy and was more comfortable than the earlier.

This is the third time I am coming for the artificial eye fitting and I am very happy to see that day by day SMR is trying to give 100% comfort to the patient, this time it very good experience because the matching quantity was also been raised by using some new technologies.

Thank you very much to all the employees of SMR for giving me so much support and satisfaction."

Mahesh Patel

"I am so glad to tell everyone that I feel very confident and happy to wear this artificial eye shell. I always feel it is a part of my body. The best part of these shell, that it is comfortable and after wearing it I never felt that I am not having my natural eye but I always feel that I am a normal person with two beautiful eyes.

I am using this Artificial eye from last 10 years and it was very good experience with SMR Technicians & Representative as they are very kind and helpful. This is for the third time I am making a new shell and I am satisfied with the service and the eye shell provided to me.

Once again I am thanking the SMR Team for giving me a self confidence to achieve my goals in professional as well as in personal life by providing this artificial shell."

Thanking You,
Khushbu Sharma.

"I take the initiative to thank SMR & there employees for making my life very easy & real, earlier when I was not aware of this Artificial shell technology at that time it was very difficult to handle the questions & expressions of the people around me and it was more embarrassing when someone speaks with me face to face with direct eye contact.

I am using this shell from last three years when I made this shell for the first time it was a drastic change in my life, people started looking at me from different angle. This was only because of this artificial shell provided to me by SMR CUSTOM EYE FITTING CENTRE. All the technicians are very well trained to tackle any query raised during the time of fitting. This is the second time I am fitting this Shell and I am satisfied with the quality of work provided by SMR."

Vinod Dubey.


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