Corneal Rings
A closer look at keratoconus
Keratoconus is a disease that causes a progressive thinning of the cornea, the clear front portion of the eye. As a result of this condition, the normal outward pressure from within the eye causes the cornea to progressively bulge into a cone-like shape. Keratoconus rarely results in total blindness although it can significantly impair vision and, according to experts, lead to the need for a corneal transplant in up to 20% of cases.

Keratoconus is estimated to affect one in 2,000 people across all races. It is normally treated with rigid contact lenses which are contoured to address the bulging cornea and to improve vision.

A closer look at Intacs®
For those keratoconic patients who arecontact lens intolerant,Intacs corneal implants offer a less threatening option than a corneal transplant. Most physicians would prefer to delay a corneal transplant – to make it the option of last resort. Intacscorneal implants make this a possibility by improving functional vision, and possibly delaying the need to for a corneal transplant.The goal of the Intacs procedure is to provide the keratoconic patient with the ability to achieve improved functional vision withcontact lenses or glasses. In the few Intacs patients who later hada corneal transplant after having the Intacs procedure, theirtransplants were completed without any complications.

Talk to your physician today to see if Intacs are right for you.

Benefits of Intacs for keratoconus.
  • Safe, removable, replaceable.
  • Reduces myopia and astigmatism associated with keratoconus.
  • Restores the cornea to a more natural dome shape.
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedure.
  • Recovery period is days, compared to months for a corneal transplant.
  • Improves quality of life.
  • May delay need for corneal transplant.

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CXL UVA Lamp Designed with Focus on Effectiveness, Safety & User-Friendliness
Intensity Range : 3.0 mW to 45.0 mW
Encompasses all Developing Treatment Protocols, It's FUTURE READY !

  • Portable for Multi Centre use, less than 5 Kg with carrying case
  • Table Mountable

  • Swivel Arm for Perfect Centering
  • Motorized Vertical Movement with Foot Pedal for Accurate Working Distance Focus

No Compulsion to Use Specific Consumables
Key Features
  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • COMPELETE PEACE OF MIND - Never Deliver>5.4 Joules of Energy in Preset Modes
  • User Defined Mode Allows Energy Delivery of up to 7.2 Joules
  • Procedure Time Adjustable as Required
  • Pause/Play Function for intra Procedure Patient’s Eye Alignment
  • Best of Class Homogenous Beam Profile for Even UVA Delivery Across the Treatment Area
  • Adjustable Intansity from 3.0mW to 45.0 mW / cm2 at a working distance of 15mm
  • Encompasses all Established & Evolving Treatment Protocols:

Five Presets Specifications
UV Intensity Procedure Time Energy Delivered
3.0 mW 30 mins 5.4 Joules
9.0 mW 10 mins 5.4 Joules
18.0 mW 5 mins 5.4 Joules
30.0 mW 3 mins 5.4 Joules
45.0 mW 2 mins 5.4 Joules (optional)
Wavelength Range 365 nm
Illumination Intesity 3.0-45.0 mW / cm2
Working Distance 50 mm
Light Emission Continues Wave
Treatment Spot Size 6.0 mm - 9.0mm
Operationg Temprature 15 - 37° (Ambeint)
Power Source AC 100 - 240V
  0Hz - 60Hz, 0.15A

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