Instructions for handling and caring

Your Artificial Eye / Cosmetic Shell is very important to you. You can maintain its looks and increase durability by following the simple instructions given below:
• Listen to the Ocularist carefully for procedures of inserting and removing the prosthesis. You can try out the same in his presence so that he can guide you, if need be.
• Clean your hands with disinfectant like liquid Dettol before inserting or removing the prosthesis.
• Make sure you are comfortably positioned. This will help you to remove the prosthesis with ease.
• While inserting, hold your prosthesis with side-up in your Right-hand. Raise the upper Eye-lid with your left-hand and insert the prosthesis in the eye holding it in a tilted fashion and then insert side-down by stretching the lower eye with Middle-finger.
• While removing the eye, apply little pressure with your Ring-finger from nasal side slowly moving towards temporal end. This will help you to remove the prosthesis easily.
• Clean the prosthesis with plain water and soap only. DO NOT soak the prosthesis in any solution. DO NOT clean the prosthesis with hot or boiling water. This might damage the prosthesis.
• If you get more discharge from the eye, check your prosthesis. If you find any scratches or crack/s, its time to visit your ocularist.
• Visit your ocularist at-least twice a year. We insist on once a quarter.
• Mishandling or frequently dropping the prosthesis can reduce its life and may cause irritation in the Eye.
• Remember you Artificial Eye / Cosmetic Shell is made from superior quality and if maintained properly can last long upto a period of 3-4 years.


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