GRK - 2100
Contact Lens Base
Curve Measurement

User can check proper hard contact lens’ base curve with back side holder of model eye cacheck condition of lens surface. It helps user precribe customer lens exactly.

Can measure and observe IOL that is inseted after extracting crystalline lens from cartract.

Cornea Refractive Power, Cornea Curvature MeasurementY
Wide area of spherical power from -25D to +22D and cylinder power from -10D to +10D can be measured using specially designed GRK-2100.

More exact cornea curvature can be measured from 5.0mm to 10.2mm by improved optical sceince design method.

Cornea, Iris, Cornea Size Measurement
With image capture function of LED reflected image cornea,iris, and pupil size can be measured conveniently.