FAQ For Patients

Q. What is an Artificial Eye / Cosmetic Shell ?
A. Artificial Eye or Cosmetic Shell is the prosthesis fitted over enucleated or eviscerated eye. Your ocularist will guide you which type of prosthesis is suitable for your eye.

Q. At what age can the prosthesis be fitted to a child ?
A. The prosthesis can be fitted to a child as young as 6 months of age. Please consult your ophthalmologist for further details.

Q. What results shall I expect after fitting the prosthesis ?
A. The prosthesis is fitted to hide the damaged socket. However, the results vary from individual to individual depending on condition of socket of the eye at the time of fitting the prosthesis.

Q. Can I obtain movement of the prosthesis ?
A. Yes. You can get movement of the prosthesis depending upon condition of the socket. In some cases, the prosthesis has very less movement and for such patients motility implants can be surgically implanted by ophthalmologist.

Q. How do I care for my prothesis ?
A. See Instructions for Handling & Caring.

Q. What should I do if I have irritation in my eye ?
A. Irritation in the eye can occur due to various reasons. Please consult your ophthalmologist. Also, check your prosthesis whether it has any cracks or scratches. If found, visit your Ocularist.

Q. Do I need to visit Ocularist periodically ?
A. It is suggested to visit the Ocularist atleast twice a year and to get the prosthesis polished. This will help to retain the prosthesis its natural look and any repairable defects can be taken care of.

Q. Can I see with this eye ?
A. No. This prosthesis is totally made for cosmetic purpose and doesn’t give any vision to the eye. It certainly helps patient to overcome his physical and psychological shortcoming.

Q. What is the life of the eye ?
A. Life of your prosthesis is very long if cared properly. Possibility for change in socket condition due to growth of tissues is very high and hence it is advisable to change the prosthesis every 2 - 3 years.

Q. How will I remove the prosthesis ?
A. While removing the eye, apply little pressure with your Ring-finger from nasal side slowly moving towards temporal end. This will help you to remove the prosthesis easily.

Q. How will I reinsert the prosthesis ?
A. While inserting, hold your prosthesis with side-up in your Right-hand. Raise the upper Eye-lid with your left-hand and insert the prosthesis in the eye holding it in a tilted fashion and then insert side-down by stretching the lower eye with Middle-finger.

Q. Do people come to know about the prosthesis ?
A. Results of prosthesis vary from person to person. Many patients get good results after this fitting and its difficult to make out the artificial one.

Q. Can I see with this prosthesis ?
A. No. The prosthesis is made to cover the lost socket of the eye and doesn’t have any vision.

Q. I need custom made Eye. What should I do ?
A. You can contact us by letter, mail, fax or phone call and make prior appointment before you drop in. It will take approximate 2-3 hours to complete the entire process and get the eye ready. In exceptional cases, you may require to make one more visit to our Service Centre. Our Direction Map will guide you can reach us. Please feel to call for further details.

Q. Should the prothesis be removed daily ?
A. The prosthesis should be cleaned daily for your personal hygiene care. Some patients get irritation if the prosthesis is removed on daily basis, they can rank their tolerance and maintain the time-gap (day, week, month) accordingly.

Q. Is there any inconvenience or discomfort wearing / using the prosthesis ?
A. Any new patient who has started using the prosthesis is not comfortable for few days. Once your eye starts adapting foreign body, it is very convenient to wear and use this prosthesis in private and public.

Q. What are other benefits of these prosthesis ?
A. Since long years interpretation with patients, we have realized that the prosthesis has helped patients to overcome their physical and psychological shortcomings. Support of this prosthesis to the upper eye-lid has also facilitated patients to reduce the stretch on other eye and improving vision.

Q. What are the various colours in which Sclera is available?
A. Any sclera colour can be made available as per the need and requirement of the Patient / client. The most common sclera colours are white, yellowish, muddy yellow and muddy red.

Q. What are the various Iris colours available?
A. Most common Iris colour in Asian and African countries are light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black..Blue, green and grey are usually required for European countries.

Q. What specifications are required while placing the order of Artificial Eye or Cosmetic Shell ?
A. Scleral size and colour, Iris size and colour along with Right/left eye should be mentioned while placing the order.

Q. How many days after enucleation / evisceration should we sugest the patient to fit an eye?
A. Minimum time period of 20 -30 days is suggested for the patient to fit the eye.

Q. Does the eye have any side effect?
A. No, the eye doesn’t have any side effect. However it is necessary that person changes the eye after regular intervals, as any damage caused to the Artificial Eye can affect the cavity of the eye. Also, it is recommended for all the patients to get the eye checked after regular internals.

Q. Can you make Custom made Artificial Eye/ Cosmetic Shells as per our requirement?
A. SMR has it's own Custom Eye Fitting Center where custom made eyes are matched according to precise and color of original eye.

Q. Within how many days can you supply the items ordered ?
A. The supply goods depends on quantity of order.


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