FAQ For Doctors

Q. What are the various colours in which Sclera is available?
A. Any sclera colour can be made available as per the need and requirement of the Patient / client. The most common sclera colours are white, yellowish, muddy yellow and muddy red.

Q. What are the various Iris colours available?
A. Most common Iris colour in Asian and African countries are light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black..Blue, green and grey are usually required for European countries.

Q. What specifications are required while placing the order of Artificial Eye or Cosmetic Shell ?
A. Scleral size and colour, Iris size and colour along with Right/left eye should be mentioned while placing the order.

Q. How many days after enucleation / evisceration should we sugest the patient to fit an eye?
A. Minimum time period of 20 -30 days is suggested for the patient to fit the eye.

Q. Does the eye have any side effect?
A. No, the eye doesn’t have any side effect. However it is necessary that person changes the eye after regular intervals, as any damage caused to the Artificial Eye can affect the cavity of the eye. Also, it is recommended for all the patients to get the eye checked after regular internals.

Q. Can you make Custom made Artificial Eye/ Cosmetic Shells as per our requirement?
A. SMR has it's own Custom Eye Fitting Center where custom made eyes are matched according to precise and color of original eye.

Q. Within how many days can you supply the items ordered?
A. The supply goods depends on quantity of order.


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