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Autoclave SLEDD

134°C / 121°C with drying

Applications :
• The SLEDD series Autoclaves are suitable for a wide range of applications wherein fast and assured sterilisation is required.
• Ideal for Health care Professionals, Nursing Homes, Hospitals & Clinical Laboratories.
• Wrapped or pouched instruments, small load garments and instruments.

EQUITRON Advantages:
• Unique single lever lock for lid with single hand opening.
• Temperature Range up to 134°C for high speed sterilisation.
• Free steaming for grade heating and deeper penetration of porous loads as well as reducing lag times of media in flasks.
• Efficient post sterilisation drying.
• External Bottle for draining water & condensing steam.
• Microprocessor Based Control ensures repeatability & a high accuracy.
• Conformance to National & International Standards.

Construction :
• The SLEDD range, like all Equitron Autoclaves, is designed for ease of use and dependability and is manufactured under strict supervision. Each & every chamber is hydrostatically tested as per standards. Rigorous inspection standards and traceable calibration reports ensure that the SLEDD range will deliver dependable performance
• Internal Chamber and lid along with all wetted parts fabricated from Stainless Steel.
• Single lever pronged closure system with a specially designed Silicone Gasket.
• Easy lift and closing of the lid by assisted support.
• Castors for ease of movement.
• Easy access to all critical components due to its modular panel design.

Control System :
• At the heart of SLEDD series is a secure PLC which provides higher control accuracy along with user level flexibility for sterilizing various types of loads efficiently.
• Dual LED display in main controller for temperature in 1°C resolution &time in minutes.
• Digital Timer upto 99 minutes for drying.

Safety :
• Every single Autoclave chamber is hydrostatically tested to 1.5 times its operating pressure. Inspection as per set standards are carried out by qualified engineers at the raw material inward stage, mid process stage and during final tests and calibrations.
• Low water detection.
• Spring loaded safety valve for over pressure.
• Pressure interlock on door.
• Independent self resetting Thermal safety cutout.
• MCB for electrical safety.

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