Demo Eye (Model Eye)

SMR OPHTHALMIC introduces a range of Model Eyes which can be used by various optical equipment manufacturers and Doctors for demonstration & teaching purpose respectively.

Various options of Model Eyes that we have are as follows:

Model Eyes for Slit Lamp / Microscope / Fundus Camera :
These Model eye consists of an acrylic eye with either 8mm or 2mm pupil and normal retinal design. The globe is filled up with fluid so as to resemble vitreous filled posterior chamber. Manufacturers of Slit lamp lenses / Microscope / Slit Lamp / Retinal imaging system can use them to demonstrate their optical system during the conferences or any other events. Doctor can have clear understanding of the image magnification and field of view of the machine that is being demonstrated.

Available Models & Specifications:

Model Eyes for Retinal Diseases :
Retinal disease model eyes are specially designed to aid Doctors to demonstrate various retinal pathologies to their students as they would appear in a natural eye. They come with dilated pupil and are filled up with fluid to give feel of vitreous.

Available Retinal Disease Models & Specifications :

In case, if you need any specific retinal designs other than the one mentioned above we can custom make for you, as per your specifications.

Model Eyes for Gonioscopy
These model eyes are specifically designed to allow viewing of the anterior chamber angle of the eye with the help of Gonio lens. Also, they are extremely useful for the Gonio Lens manufacturer to demonstrate their products at various occasions like conferences, CME's, meetings etc. Alternatively, they can also be used by doctors to demonstrate and teach Gonioscopy techniques to the students in the absence of patients.

Available Models & Specifications:

Model Eyes for Retinal instrument's demonstration

These model eyes have three ports on the sclera, to mimic the three ports sclerotomy site incisions which are made during retinal surgeries. These eyes show the internal structure of the retinal surgeries. These eyes show the internal structure of the retina as in case of a normal eye.

The aim of these eyes is to allow the retinal instruments manufacturers to demonstrate the usage of their instruments at use as in a normal eye in Conferences.

Available Models & Specifications:


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