Custom Eye

Why Custom Eye

In the fitting of an Artificial Eye, there are many factors to be considered:
• The size and shape of the eye,
• The color size and position of the iris,
• The size of the pupil,
• The sclera shade
• The amount of vascularization.
These factors vary with each individual, which makes the fitting of a desirable stock-eye a problem. However, our eye makers, who specialize in the fabricating of custom made eyes, are not subject to the limitations associated with stock fittings as they can design an eye to meet individual requirements.
According to our technique for making Customized eyes, the Iris is hand-painted with special imported oil paints suspended in liquid acrylic. Only by hand-painting "Third-Dimensional" and true colors be reproduced. The conjunctiva, limbus and corneal curvature of a human eye are simulated by our skilled laboratory technicians who have been evolving since many years to take it to near perfection. The illusion of veins and fatty substance is achieved by using acrylic biocompatible fibers and specially prepared premium color pigments.
We at SMR Ophthalmic are committed to provide our patients with a customized eye that would make him confident in carrying out various activities in normal course of life. Towards this we have a team of well trained technicians who after understanding the patient’s individual requirements craft a customized eye. Each of our centres are fully equipped with all the required resources and technicians, It is our thrust to provide a high quality customized prosthesis at an economical price to the patients, We ensure that the material used in making prosthesis is of the finest quality and bio-compatible.


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