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Castroviejo implants

Castroviejo implant imparts motility to the prosthesis by acting as a smooth convex pivotal surface over which the artificial eye or cosmetic shell glides during shortening and lengthening of the fornices. Anteriorly, it has a central depression surrounded by four bridges. The four recti muscles are accommodated in the tunnels situated directly beneath the bridge and the end of the opposed muscles are sewn so as to overlap each other. The implant is completely buried under the tenon’s capsule.

The advantages of Castroviejo implants are as follows: :
• It provides better motility and requires very little adjustments from the ocularists.
• It provides support for the artificial eye and makes it look sulken.
• It also serves to prevent bony deformity of the orbital wall. 
• It also helps to maintain the normal size of the socket.

Available Sizes : 13mm, 15mm and 17mm. 



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