Range of Antiseptics to Fight COVID19

AURORUB (Antiseptics)

Alcoholic Rub for hand Antiseptics

Composition : Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.5% w/v & 2-Propanol 70% 70% v/v.
Application : Rapid antiseptic hand rub solution.

Product features:
• Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity including HIV, HBV, HCV.
• Assured asepsis in just 30 seconds.
• Prevents nosocomial infections.
• Use IN BETWEEN surgery procedures.
• No need of water or towel.
• Keeps skin soft and supple.
• Enhances health care professional safety.

Supply : Aurorub is supplied as 500ml and 100ml.

STERI RINSE (Antiseptics)

Surgical Hand wash Solution

Composition : Triclosan 0.3% w/v
Application : Antiseptic Hand wash Solution

Product features:
• Broad spectrum anti microbial activity
• Suitable for persons who are allergic to Chlorhexidine
• Cleanses and softens the skin
• Does not leave the skin dry and scaly
• Use before and after performing any surgical procedure

Supply : Steri rinse is supplied as 500ml and 100ml.

AUROSCRUB (Antiseptics)

Surgical handwash solution

Composition : Chlorhexidine gluconate 2% w/v. w/v
Application : Antiseptic Handwash Solution

Product features:
• Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity.
• Fast bactericidal.
• Cleanses and degreases the skin.
• Contains surfactants, not soaps.
• Use before and after performing any surgical procedure.
• Skin compatible.
• Cost effective and safe.

Supply : Auroscrub is supplied as 500ml and 100ml.

Range of Disinfectants to Fight COVID19

Microl - F (Disinfectants)

Floor Cleaning and Disinfectant Solution

Composition : Benzalkonium chloride 5% w/v.
Application : Antiseptic liquid concentrate for floor disinfection and cleaning.

Product features:
• Rapid surface disinfection within 30 to 45 seconds.
• Prolonged residual action.
• Maintenance of Lowest bio-burden level in sterile area.
• No corrosion on frequent use.
• Does not irritate eyes.
• Safe on all surfaces like granite, marble, ceramics.

Supply : Microl-F is supplied as 500ml.

Instruclean (Disinfectant)

Surgical Instrument and Equipment Disinfectant

Composition : Cetrimide 15% w/v & Chlorhexidine gluconate 3% w/v.
Application : Antiseptic liquid concentrate for instrument disinfection .

Product features:
• Bactericidal against gram-negative & gram-positive organisms.
• Powerful cleansing and disinfectant action.
• Persistent disinfectant activity.
• Proven efficacy and safety.

Supply : Instruclean is supplied as 500ml

Sanitizer dispenser (Pedal Operated)


• Hands free activation avoiding cross contamination.
• Works in all kinds of rugged environment.

• CRCA Mild steel.
• Blak/ White paint suiting your interior.
• Height adjustment to fit bottles of any size.
• Dual velcro Band to hold bottles of all dimensions.
• Aesthetic look.
• Height - 43" & Weight - 6.4 Kg.


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