Anatomical Eye Model (Smart Eye)

SMR OPHTHALMIC is glad to introduce a range of premium quality Anatomical Eye Models for use of Doctors, Eye-care professionals and students. These are cross section eye models depicting all key anatomical features of a natural human eye like the cornea, iris, sclera, choroid, ciliary body, retina and the natural crystalline lens. Each of the eye model comes with a base mounting stand with cavities to hold the different lenses.

There are 5 different Eye models that we have tried to develop:

1. Cataract Eye Model : This anatomical model shows various types of cataract conditions. This helps easy explanation & demonstration of various types of cataract and how the capsular rechxis (CCC) shall be made during the surgery to implant the IOL.

This model includes 8 interchangeable lenses, which are labelled and stored in the display base as given below:

• Crystalline lens without Cataract
• Subcapsular Cataract
• Capsular Cataract
• Mature Cataract
• Cortical Cataract
• Nuclear Cataract
• Lens with CCC and IOL - type 1
• Lens with CCC and IOL - type 2

2. Refractive Eye model : Patients at times find it difficult to understand explanation of different refractive errors like astigmatism, myopia and hyperopia or any other refractive error. This model dynamically depicts how the focal length of the eye is changed by lens correction for better sharpness.

3. IOL Eye Model : This eye model is specifically designed for cataract patient and education & Counseling of their relatives. It helps to ease patient's vagueness or indecision with demonstration. It will also help in selection of the right IOL by the patient.

The model has 8 types of interchangeable lenses depicting the following:
• Crystalline lens without Cataract
• Mature Cataract Lens
• Nuclear Cataract
• C Loop IOL
• Modified Haptic IOL
• Plate Haptic
• Multifocal IOL
• Yellow IOL

4. Retinal Disease Eye model : This eye model tries to tackles 3 most common disease and assist the ophthalmic specialists to educate the patients on these diseases which are Glaucoma, AMD and Diabetic Retinopathy. It shows the patients what the disease looks like and what harm can it cause to the eye. It allows the specialists to discuss eye related issues with the patients and ease out the patient's uncertainty.

5. Retinal Detachment Eye model : The eye model is mounted with a clear film on the back which is used to help illustrate retinal detachment. This is made of durable plastic and shows the eye in full color.

Technical Specification for All Eye Models

6. Dry Eye Model This unique eye model helps to make patients understand various aspects related to Dry eye right from fluorescein staining on the cornea, lissamine green staining on the sclera, meibomian gland dysfunction (comparison between Healthy & unhealthy Meibomian glands), lacrimal gland dysfunction, and the lacrimal punctum. It has a Tear film too over the cornea with clear demarcation of three layers of Tear Film (Lipid, Mucin and Aqueous).

One can explain using the back Flap and model, significance of each layer of Tear Film from where they are secreted and the patient specific problems of Dry eye. The back Flap also gives information on various options available for treating the Dry eye.


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