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Medicel – 4K Phaco Accessories


Like the I/A systems, Phaco accessories are available as single-use or reusable versions. The full range of Phaco tips is compatible with various systems and is made of high-grade titanium. Medical-grade silicone sleeves ensure best cooling of the Phaco tip, protection of incision and stable anterior chamber during surgery, even when using high vacuum levels.

Compatible with the following Phaco machines:
Bausch&Lomb, AMO, Nidek, Oertli, Geuder, Ruck/Croma, DORC

Single-use sets (sterile) consisting of 10 titanium tips with 10 tip-wrenches / 10 infusion sleeves / 10 test chambers

10 times multi-use (sterile) sets consisting of 10 titanium tips with 10 autoclavable tip-wrenches and infusion sleeves.

Reusable phaco tips (non-sterile) consisting of titanium 6 tips


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