HANITA VisTor ™ Aspheric Toric IOL


VisTor ™ is an Aspheric Toric IOL that provides a premium solution for Cataract surgery. With VisTor, surgeons can both restore and improve on Cataract impaired vision by also correcting pre-existing refractive astigmatism. VisTor is provided in an extended range of powers and cylinders for each degree of astigmatism correction required.

Micro-Incision implantation

• Easily and safely injected through an incision as small as 1.8 mm
• Reduces surgically induced astigmatism
• Fast post-surgical recovery with less inflammation
• Less trauma to the eye
• Less endothelial cell loss

Technical Specifications

Overall diameter �������� 11.0 mm
Haptic angulation
Edge design 360° Continuous
Square Edge
Optic design Aspheric with Toric
surface on anterior plane
Standard Range
(spherical equivalent)
+10.0D to +30.0D
(0.5D increments)
1.0D to 6.0D
(0.5D increments)
Material Hydrophilic Acrylic HEMA/EOEMA copolymer
Filtration UV Blocker and
violet light filter
Refractive Index 1.46 (hydrated @ 35°c)
Y.A.G laser Compatible
Placement Capsular Bag

CE Approved
* Additional power/cylinder range can be supplied by special order


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