HANITA SeeLens HP - Aspheric Hydrophobic Intraocular Lens


SeeLens HP, the new aspheric hydrophobic Intraocular Lens from Hanita Lenses provides the patient with an excellent vision quality at day and night conditions by using state-of-the-art aberration free aspheric optical design.

Mini Incision implantation

• Easily and safely injected through an incision as small as 2.2 mm
• Excellent memory superior foldability, slow release and gentle unfolding

Technical Specifications

Overall Length 13.00 mm
Optic diameter� 6.00 mm
Haptic angulation��
Optic Design� Aspheric bi convex
Edge Design� 360° Continuous Square Edge
Power range� +5.0 to +10.0 (1D increments)
+10.5 to +30.0 (0.5D increments)
+31.0 to +35.0 (1D increments)
Material Hydrophobic Acrylic incorporates a natural yellow filtering
Filtration UV Blocker and violet light filter
Refractive Index. 1.484 (@ 35° c)
Y.A.G laser� Compatible
Estimated A constant SRK/T IOL Master biometry: 119.5*
SRK/T US biometry: 119.16*
Placement� Capsular Bag
CE Approved  


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